Vocal Training


If you can speak you can sing!


Yes, you read it. Your vocal-folds can be trained to sound good. TA-DA! offers 60 minute vocal classes with qualified and experienced vocal teachers for students of all ages and all levels.
 All singing classes are personalized to suit each individuals needs. Establishing and maintaining a healthy, sustainable vocal technique is the central focus of our lessons. Training also includes stage presence and techniques. The academy schedules two vocal performances per year with the aim on getting each student comfortable on any stage environment.

What you can expect.


We focus on: Enhancing vocal ability. Whether you are a trained singer or a beginning vocalist, there is always room to improve your vocal range. Expanding your vocal ability is an important aspect of singing. Why? Because then you will be able to sing a variety of songs. Artist Development, this process shape students for their immediate future and long term goals. Confidence is a key aspect in performing. We at TA-DA! want to develop you as an artist with the aim to become a successful all round performer and brand. Songwriting, students have the option to write their own songs in one class every month. We will help them register their songs, record it and share it with radio stations and social platforms like iTunes, Spotify and JOOX.  Recordings, students receive their own demo recording on a regular basis to share with friends, family and people of intrest in the music industry.

Our monthly fees


R550 once-off registration fee (Registration secures your spot.)

Monthly flat rate. (One class per week is compulsory.)

60min weekly classes - R750 per month. 

The fee includes 1 recording during the course of the year. The monthly fee is payable in the beginning of every month, with the months classes to follow.

There is no specific starting date to our course. As soon as you have registered, you will be able to start with your classes. Maximum of 15 students per class.

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