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TA-DA! boasts in developing an all round performer, known as a triple threat in the industry. Whether you are serious about acting as a career or just want to take up dance for the fun TA-DA! is the place to be. We follow the Jazz-Ed syllabus. We have two dance classes per week, one Jazz class and one Ballet class to compliment the Jazz syllabes. We take no more than 15 dancers per class to ensure the best possible training. Improve your fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and strength. TA-DA! Dance Training will teach you discipline, confidence, self-expression and how to work in a team. Start loving life through movement. 

Attention all Performers.



We host two shows per year and each student will be required to complete 2 Jazz-Ed exams per year.


Knowledge and ability in dance aren't just going to help your chances at auditions, they're going to make you a better performer. Actors need to know their bodies and how to use them. From posture to flexibility, how to truly embody a character, these are all major steps to becoming a better performer. 
Dance is going to be a major component of any theater audition. 

Our monthly fees


R550 once-off registration. (Registration secures your spot).
Monthly flat rate. (One class per week is compulsory).
Group Dance Class R850 (60min, 2 classes per week).
Individual Dance classes are charged R350 per 30mins
The monthly fee is payable in the beginning of every month, with the months classes to follow.
There is no specific starting date to our course. As soon as you have registered, you will be able to start with your classes. Maximum of 15 students per class.

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